Staging LA real estate has significant advantages

Chris Reisbeck

Chris Reisbeck

Staging LA real estate is a crucial step in getting the best price for your property. Buyers often cannot imagine a property’s potential when it’s sitting empty. It can also be difficult for them to gauge the space available in vacant rooms. Staging not only gives them a better idea of what the room can hold, it gives them the exact picture you want them to see. In essence, staging is highlighting a property’s potential.

The video posted here shows you a property before and after staging, so you can see the full impact that staging can have on your impressions of a home.

Some high-end LA real listings have gone as far as borrowing expensive, authentic art to place on the walls. That’s not necessary for your more typical LA real estate, however. Generally, a professional can work with existing furniture to present your home in the best light, and if necessary, they can bring in a few pieces to complete their vision.

Tips for staging LA real estate

Here are some general staging tips you can implement on your home, or with the help of a staging team:

  • Replace personal pictures with artwork: Replace family portraits and school pictures on the walls with art. It will help buyers more easily envision the home without your face on it.
  • Add decorative displays: Give your home an inviting, lived-in feel with an assembly of decorative displays of colorful vases, lanterns, books or plants on counters, tables and bookshelves. Decorative displays can add to your home’s decor while also highlighting storage space.
  • Show off your rooms’ potential: Clear out the clutter and personal items that will distract buyers. Furnish the space to show off how functional it is.
  • Stage with a clear purpose: Multi-use rooms can be confusing to buyers. It’s tempting to showcase the variety of ways a room can be used, but stick to one purpose so buyers can easily envision the use of space.
  • Showcase entertainment spaces: By setting tables and serving areas for entertainment, buyers get an idea of life as a host in your home. You’re setting the scene for them.

My team can help with you showcase your home to its highest potential, so feel free to contact me to talk more about staging LA real estate!

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