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Our Selling process


Determine listing price and marketing plan

A custom marketing plan is vital to selling every home. Pricing the property properly is important in getting the most amount of money as well as my essential strategy.


Sign listing agreement

Once we’ve agreed it’s time to get started. Having the opportunity to sell one of your most important investments is not something I take lightly.


Prepare home to sell (stage, paint, etc.)

Prepping is an important step to my strategy in selling. A little fix ups and staging will most definitely result in more money in your pocket.


Photos, floor plan & drone video

High end, premium marketing materials help demonstrate your property is worth every penny and from beginning to end professional and well thought out ways of advertising your home is most important!


Sign seller disclosures

I like to prepare all seller disclosures ahead of time so potential buyers can be brought up to speed before writing an offer. The more people know ahead of time the more clear it will be to you on which buyer you should accept.


House goes live, launch marketing plan

We’re ready to go live! We only have 1 chance to make a first impression.


Buyer showings

The easier it is to see the home, the better the chances of getting multiple offers and ultimately the highest price.


Receive offer(s)

Once an offer or multiple offers have been received, we will review each and everyone. We will be looking at price, terms, and purchasing qualifications.


Respond to offers

Should we accept a strong offer? Should we counter 1 or all offers? This is another custom strategy I will discuss with you.


Accept an offer

You’re happy with an offer, now it’s time to have a fully accepted purchase agreement.


Open escrow

An escrow company is a neutral third party company that will assist you, the buyer, myself, the buyers agent, title, and the lender in completing the transaction.


Buyer 3% initial deposit wired to escrow

We want the buyer to show commitment in purchasing the property, so an initial deposit, usually of 3%, is sent to escrow. This good faith deposit is held until we successfully close escrow with this buyer.


Review and sign escrow instructions

The escrow company will prepare and send everyone escrow instructions reiterating the contract and letting everyone know of time-lines and their duties. We will review them and sign as appropriate.


Buyers final loan approval process

The buyers lender will begin finalizing the buyers loan. They have already been pre-approved but full underwriting takes place once a fully executed purchase contract has occurred.


Buyer inspections

The buyer is given access to hire and bring in professionals of their choice to inspect the home. There can be 1 general inspection or numerous, depending on what the buyer selects.


Negotiate repairs

After inspections, the buyer has the right to request a credit or repair. We will talk about this and decide a strategy on how to respond to move forward.


Buyer signs off on contingencies

Once the buyer is satisfied with their inspections, disclosures, appraisal, loan and anything else in the contract that is a contingency, the buyer will decide to move forward or not. Moving forward if the buyer cancels then there is monetary penalties to the buyer.


Buyers cash/loan wired to escrow

The buyer will sign their loan documents and wire their remaining funds to escrow as well as the lender also sending their portion to successfully setup up closing of escrow.


Buyer final walk through

The buyer will come through one last time before closing to ensure the home is relatively in the same condition as when they wrote their offer.


Home recording and escrow closes

The county has finalized recording with the title company and we’re closing escrow. Funds will be dispersed for payoffs and proceeds will be sent to the seller. Congratulations!

Download our Complete Seller's Guide

While technology is a huge part of my life and my business, the real estate profession is still highly personal for me. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or invest in real estate, the process is all about you. Sitting down, talking one on one, and determining your family’s needs is the most effective way to ensure we reach your goals.

Text and email are a great first step, but looking each other in the eye allows us to get to know one another on a deeper level. This way you can feel confident your interests are being represented as well as if you were doing the job yourself!

If you’re working with a broker or your property is currently listed, this is not a solicitation. The information is a general example of the California home selling and buying process. Information is not guaranteed and terms vary on each contract. You are advised to independently verify any and all information.

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