Our Buying process


Loan is pre-approved

I can connect you with a loan officer to complete this essential step in knowing whats the best price range and loan options.

Home search begins

Fun! We will look at everything in your price range that matches what you’re looking for in your next home from off market properties and everything active.

Offer is submitted

When we find the one, we will construct the best offer and put together a strategy of purchasing your home. Negotiating is a big part and I’m here for you.

Offer is accepted

If the seller accepts our offer (other options are obtaining a counter offer or rejecting) we now begin our due diligence to close on your home.

Escrow opens

A fully executed purchase contact is submitted to the escrow company (a neutral 3rd party company) that begins putting the sale together.

3% initial down payment is wired to escrow

A good faith or initial deposit is sent to escrow within the first 3 business days showing the seller we’re serious.

Final loan approval process begins

You were previously pre-approved so now the lender inputs this property and your financial information into their system to go to underwriting.

Seller’s disclosures and escrow instructions are received, reviewed and approved

You need to be brought up to speed with the home so the seller disclosures will make you aware of any necessary disclosures. Escrow will also send us a package to review and sign.

Home inspections begin

A general inspection and any other areas of concern are addressed during this time. This is your time to examine the property.

Appraisal inspection occurs

The lender will send out an approved appraiser from their system to examine comparable properties to the subject home.

Home insurance is obtained

Lenders will require you to obtain home insurance and you will want to make sure you have the coverage you want.

Inspections are reviewed and approved

After all the inspections are completed, it’s time to review them and address any concerns. I will put together a request for credit or repair from the seller.

Appropriate contingencies are approved and signed off

Once acceptable and you’re satisfied with moving forward, you will sign off on the contingencies to move a step closer to closing escrow.

Loan is approved

The lender will be working this entire time on your home loan. Once their conditions are approved, they will give the green light to move forward to loan docs.

Final sign off on all contingencies occurs

You are now showing the seller full commitment in moving forward to closing escrow successfully.

Loan documents with escrow are finalized

The lender will email your loan docs to escrow and they will prepare for them to be signed with you, the buyer. Original, wet signatures are needed.

Remaining funds are transferred to escrow

You, the home buyer, will send your remaining outstanding funds and down payment to escrow.

Final walk through

We will conduct a final walk through of the home to verify it’s in the similar condition as to when we wrote our offer.

Loan is funded

The lender wires their funds to escrow and title so we can complete the purchase and close escrow.

Escrow closes

The escrow and title company complete the sale. Ownership (title) transfers from the previous owners name into your name. Congratulations on your new home!

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While technology is a huge part of my life and my business, the real estate profession is still highly personal for me. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or invest in real estate, the process is all about you. Sitting down, talking one on one, and determining your family’s needs is the most effective way to ensure we reach your goals.

Text and email are a great first step, but looking each other in the eye allows us to get to know one another on a deeper level. This way you can feel confident your interests are being represented as well as if you were doing the job yourself!

If you’re working with a broker or your property is currently listed, this is not a solicitation. The information is a general example of the California home selling and buying process. Information is not guaranteed and terms vary on each contract. You are advised to independently verify any and all information.

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